Friday, November 20, 2009

WIP - 16x20 Centaur 'Braiding' Painting 5

Here's a brief update:  I didn't get a lot of painting time on this and there is not too much to show yet.  I did work the backroom and worked the color of the colums and walls.  Made a change to the mothers arm, and, added a wall oil lamp with silver reflector.  Over all I just did a bit here and there. 


  1. Dear Kerry, This LARGE painting is comimg along just great! Don't let the slow pace bother you. A Masterpiece cannot be rushed! LOL! Take care! Don

  2. I'm glad you like how the girls are coming along, Don! This one truly is a labor of love. I get a kick out of decorating the scene, too! Stay tuned for the next!