Saturday, November 7, 2009

WIP - 16x20 Centaur 'Braiding' Painting 2

I finally got back to work on this one!  I don't have a name for it yet which is why I am using 'centaurs braiding hair', ha!  I'll think of something as I work on this.  I finalized the drawing (called a cartoon) by redrawing the various elements on tracing paper which allowed me to cut out and move elements around until I was satisfied with the composition.  I then retraced it on a full sized sheet exactly how I wanted the layout on the painting. 

 Next step was to prepare the painting panel.   I am using a new product by Art & Enns of Canada, a polystyrene panel claimed to last over a thousand years with no I'll be around to see if it's true, right?  Ha!  Anyway, I have been looking for a better painting surface for a long time and decided to try out a panel from A&E on this painting.  I like how they are made, but, they do have a pronounced texture on them.  It is not too bad, though, so I painted the surface with alkyd paint tinted with burnt sienna for a warm  golden underpainting to help fill in the texture.  I sanded that down and now am happy with the surface.

With the panel ready to go, the next step was to transfer the cartoon to the panel.  I taped the cartoon to the panel and used a red transfer paper between the cartoon and the panel and then drew over the drawing on the cartoon using a hard ball point pen.  Once finished I had a light red tracing on the panel. 

 It is very light and the fine detail was not transfered due to the panel texture.  I know that as it was, I would lose my drawing once I started applying paint, so, my next step was to redraw the tracing using a Sharpie marker to establish a bold, detailed drawing. 

 I will make numerous adjustments to this as I paint, especially on the figures faces and legs.  The background will get a lot more added to it also...I'm still considering how I want to decorate the rooms and the centaurs.  This is how it looks now. 

Next step will be to start applying paint! 


  1. Helping Mom for her "Anniversary Night". Dad will be home soon from the daily "Hunt", "Plowing", Selling at the Market" etc.? Coming home with plans for Mom & Him. Gift, Dinner, Greek Theatre, Moom light walk? Only Mom will know when the next morning comes. She has brought him a Family & been a wonderful Mate/wife! Congratulations! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  2. Yup! There's a party tonight with singing and dancing and lots of merry-making! Mom is excited to get out to stand proudly beside her mate and have some! The girls have been given thier instructions to stay home and mind the house and take care of their old Nan (who is really looking after them!) lol!