Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WIP - 16x20 Centaur 'Braiding' Painting 4

Today, I made a few changes to the background.  I spent part of the day studying photographs of ancient Italian architecture and egyptian relics to get some ideas for the structure and decor of the rooms in this painting.  It is not my intention to mimic any one culture, rather, to create a plausible sub-culture that might exist if centaurs were real and living among human cultures of the ancient times.

    This family is obviously well off with a palacial estate and many luxuries.  Here, the mother is having her eldest daughter braid her mane and help her with her dressing for a night out with her husband when he returns home.  The youngest daughter entertains them with chatter and play.  She and her pets find the occassion very exciting and festive and as a result is always getting underfoot.

   I changed the doorway columns and wall structure and also changed the table and pictures on the right side.  I thought they were just too modern looking.  There will be a tapestry on the wall instead and an oil lamp on the wall behind the childs head.  In the back room I added a fireplace with a cooking pot, and, will have a brick wall mantle above it.  Floors are undecided, yet.  I'm leaning towards brick and stone floors similar to ancient Roman architecture, or, my original idea of woven rugs...have to wait n see.  Lots more details to be worked out on this .


  1. Dear Kerry, The painting is coming along magnificently! I am really enjoying seeing what steps you take to produce a Great piece of art. Step by step. Inch by inch. Artifact by artifact. Getting the right composition is paramount. Then everything else should fall into place, IF it is planned! LOL! Great work, Kerry! I look forward to seeing the painting ever improve, & become a MASTERPIECE when finished! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  2. I'm glad you like the process, Don! It could still change considerably before it is done, but the basic layout is there.