Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Work - Friesian Sky

"Friesian Sky, original version"

I must have known this one wasn't really finished when I listed it the first time on ebay.  I didn't even finish this blog post for it, leaving a blank draft page instead.  Before the new listing was even half through its first week offering, and, with no bids in sight, I had to go in and make some much needed improvements.  The  head was too large and coarse-looking with an overly large roman nose, and, worst of all, the eye was flat and dead-looking!  So, I trimmed the length off the head and shaved down the profile some, then spent another half hour trying to put a spark of life in the eyes...not and easy task on such a tiny painting!   Then I revised the ebay listing and sat back to see how it went.  The auction ended and again, no sale, so I relisted for another week.  Two days into this listing, I decided it just wasn't done...again!  That head was still bugging me!  This time I fixed it.  With a straighter and more refined shape and a lot more detailing over the entire painting, it now is a painting I'm satisfied with...for now! Ha!  Sometimes, I can get them right the first time.  Other times, like with this little friesian painting, I have to keep coming back to it until it looks right! 

"Friesian Sky" Oil ACEO 2.5x3.5"

Life sized


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