Friday, November 20, 2009

Sketchbook - More Centaur Sketches

Here are two new ones in the centaur sketchbook. 


  1. Dera Kerry, Your 2 new Centaur sketches look wonderful! If you would in the near future like to create these & others in oil, I would love to bid or buy them as they come along. As you know, I have collected at least 9 out of 10 of your Centaur paintings. When I see a sketch, most likely I will adore & crave it! You are one of the BEST artistsI have found in my 34 years of collecting Fantasy art who does the Centaur porportions right! Even their flexability in the neck/Hip area(Shoulder hips) to look like a horse lowering to drink or eat is fantastic! It looks true & real! Keep doing what you are doing & I will be there to bid or buy from this day forward! A true fan, Patron & collector of your fine works of Fantasy! Sincerely & Gratefully, Don Kephart

  2. My centaur-book (or perhaps I should call it the tease-book?) has been a great place to work out ideas, some of which go on to be made into paintings, others...well,just practice! I will certainly work those new sketches into paintings, Don. I find that once I have a basic idea down on paper (like these sketches) and take a little time to mull them over, it is easy developing them into a painting. A few, such as the 'Braiding Mothers Hair' painting that I'm currently working on, really catch my imagination and I want to express my ideas in a larger format. Even now after close to 5 years of painting centaurs, I approch each new sketch or painting wondering what thier anatomy would look like in such or such pose, and, try to image what thier culture might be... It's a fun process! I'm glad you kept me painting centaurs, Don!

  3. Dear Kerry, It has been my pleasure! Don K.