Thursday, January 7, 2010

WIP - 16x20 Centaur Braiding - Part 8

This is actually two sessions of painting on this, but, I decided the first sessions didn't show enough difference from the Part 7 session, so, I'm combining them instead.  A lot of detailing going on now, especially on that back wall.  I generally work from background to forground and left to right...when I'm not jumping around that is!  Here is a pic from where I left off on the first of these two sessions, just the full painting image.  

The rest of the pics are where this stands now.


  1. Dear Kerry! I concur! Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! You know, I am running out of Praises for you & your work! Totally at a loss of words! Each time I see your updated work on this picture, I see More Centaurs in art, work on the older Daughter, Mandolin woodwork(Awsome), better resolution on the dragom woodwork on the Chais, More & More & More! One note that you already spoke of...The Child & the Cats faces will be done sometime! LOL! I am truely Humbled by your artistic ability! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  2. Oh, that's wonderful! I have a blog in Russian dedicated to centaurs in art ( - would you permit me to place some of your pictures there?

  3. Hi, y'all! Sorry it took so long to answer this, but, I've been stranded offline due to a bad modem. Seems to be fixed now...(fingers crossed and hoping not to jinx the d@rn thing!) Anyhoo, one good thing about not being able to waste all my time cruising the net, I did get a lot of work done on this painting! There have been a lot of changes and yes, Don, the little girl now has a face! New photos will be posted later tonight!
    Thankyou all for the kind words!
    LK, You may include some of my art on your site, but, please include my name and copyright notice: copyright 2010 Kerry Nelson. Thankyou for asking!