Sunday, April 22, 2018

New Work - "Trust"

"Trust - Children of Chiron 1"
16 X 20 Oil on panel

Prints are available of this unique painting CLICK HERE

This is a commissioned book cover illustration for author Tabitha Darling.  Her book is now avaliable on Amazon.   BUY BOOK HERE!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Paradise Corral

"Paradise Corral" 12 X 20 (if l remember right)

  This fun piece has my clients character creation Wild Filly Six Socks (or WFSS for short) on her day off visiting the local bordello for a night of fun and companionship.  

Wild Filly Six Socks
The Madam pushing one of her bulltaurs forward for into the corral for WFSS's inspection

 a hopeful suitor
'perhaps I'm more what you're looking

Even the dogs are six limbed on this world!

I have completely ignored this blog for ... um ... 6 years!   Well I guess I'm thinking about it again so maybe I will try to bring it back to life.  This will (once again) be devoted to just my artwork and related topics that interest or inspire me.  I hope to add more on a regular basis starting now.

  At this time I spend most of my online time on facebook ... mostly just wasting time browsing my time line and sharing cute animal pics, funny memes, and infuriating political crap.  Oh, I also share my art there too when I have new work to show.  Facebook is getting boring though so it's time to move back to my blog instead.

I have two new commissioned paintings, one finish and one in the final touches.  I'll be showing those here in the next couple days.  I also have two new commissions that I will begin work on soon and I will show progress on this here also.  In the mean time as I piddle around here and try to relearn how to use my old blog ... here is a nice commissioned horse portrait I did a few years ago.

This is "Buster" 14 X 18 oil painting.