Monday, April 26, 2010

Sketches - Centaur Market Scene

I finally decided to start working out some ideas for another centaur painting, this one with a market/bazaar theme.  These intial sketches will be very rough, without details until I settle on the layout to paint.  Once I have my plan, I'll work it up into a more detailed and exact drawing, but, for now, this is as much detail as it needs.  This is about a 10x14" vine charcoal sketch.  More to come as I work out varying ideas on this same theme.  Any comments or suggestions welcome here! 


  1. Hi Kerry, Your Centaur Market scene is looking good as a start. I KNOW you will cloth the Centaurs later. LOL! I would guess they would have small or larger back pack baskets. To carry much of the fruits & veggies along with small cups, pots, utensils, Jerkey, cloth pieces etc. I am sure they would carry coin purses around their human waists. Or barter with the sales persons part of their crops, livestock or carved wood creations such as Combs, flutes & other decorative pieces. Like all of your oil pieces, the more time you work on them the more colorful & fantastic! I will look forward to this new Fantasy Centaur painting with great anticipation & expectation!Sincerely, Don Kephart

  2. LOL! Of course I'll cloth them! They're not wild heathens, but, very civilized centaurs visiting the markets of the town market. I like the idea of the trade goods to be bartered. I will need to work out this composition more, perhaps with a couple more drawings. But, the idea is there, just needs some tweaking!