Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Work - Mustangs - On the Run

A herd of wild mustangs gallop for sanctuary over the side of a steep hill. With the future of America's wild horses in question, I find myself dispairing of thier fate, and, I am impelled to paint them (always a favorite subject of my art) once again, perhaps in an attempt to capture the freedom, beauty, and, dignity that our wild horses have always least to me!   New 12x16 oil painting on hardboard panel.  Just click on the title to see the Etsy listing! 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Texas Tiller

This little armadillo has been living under our deck for years and usually we just get quick glimpses of him and hear him rooting around at night.  Today, he came out early and spent several hours foraging among the fallen leaves in the back yard.  He was timid at all.  I stood within 20 feet to take pics of him and he didn't even act nervous.  Here are a few pics of the 50+ I took.  Notice the scars and tattered ear.  I think he had a run in with a coyote or dog.  Most likely coyotes as there is a pack that lives in the field just out back of our house.  We hear them howling at night when the pack congregates. 
Note the tooth scars on his upper and lower shoulder. 

Something tried to chew his ear off.

Digging....plowing the yard


Going in deep!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Work - Soldier Boy

This is another centaur ACEO oil painting, a boy centaur playing soldiers with his trusty wooden sword and shield! 

That is about life-sized and here is a close-up of the face

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Work - Beachball Babe

This latest little centaur is another oil ACEO, just 2.5"x3.5".  The detail image is much larger than lifesize!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hot News! Artwork chosen for EBSQ Art of the Day

How 'bout that! picked my canine miniature "Howie & Sammi at the Beach" 3"x4" oil painting for thier art of the day!  They are looking forward to more snow!  LOL!

Friday, February 12, 2010

New work - Puppyface

This is a portrait of my sister's dog Howie as a pup.  Oil ACEO on multimedia artboard.

This is close to lifesize of 2.5x3.5 inches.  Here are two close-ups

Winter Wonder - Record Snowfall!

It's been snowing!  Snow is pretty rare here in the DFW area of north Texas.  Usually we only get one or two snow/ice episodes per season and then usually just an inch or two at most.  This snowfall dropped a whopping 13" in the day and a half of downfall!  (And the city grinds to a stunned halt...texans can't drive in the snow!  And they really should close everything down, which they do...LOL!)  I didn't step out the door the entire time except to snap a few pics! 

This is the welcome sign beside the front door.

...and the front door.  These first pics were taken at 8am on the first morning of snowfall, feb. 10.

Oak branches

Viatec shrub in front of neighbor's big magnolia

Back patio.  This is still the 8am shots.  We had about 6" snow at this time.

backyard...yes that birdbath and trellis are leaning!

our car.  Note the dark magnolia tree in the background.  In photos of the next morning you will see all the broken branches around its base.

Later the same day, the crepe myrtle trees are starting to hang over the walkway.

Everything was coated in snow and it had that quiet stillness that only snowfall seems to generate.

I don't think I've ever seen this much snow on the ground here...ok, I know I haven't, is a record high snowfall for the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

Predawn on Feb 11.  The view out the front door...where'd the walkway go!  The trees are so weighted down by the snow that they are laying almost on the ground now!

Digging out the cars...the cars had over a foot of snow on them this morning! 

Here's that other photo of the magnolia I said to watch for!  Notice all the broken branches.

The front door buried behind snowtrees...yes there really is a door behind that!  My sister took these 2/11 pics.  You can see her footprints where she had to plow under and through those wet, snowy branches!

Last photo, the oaks, azaleas, and shrubs in the front yard.  Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I don't want to see another cake for at least another year!  I've O.D.'d on birthday cake and icecream!  My b-day was the 5th, but, we celebrated my big day on sunday and had a combination b-day/superbowl party, and, team won!  (usually, I think I jinx my fav teams by watching them, lol!)  I still don't have any new work to show, but, I do have work in progress...two ACEO dog portraits, three small horse paintings, and, one centaur ACEO.  I should have something new to show very soon. 

I should hear from my printer any day now about the prints being made of  "Anniversary Adornment", the new centaur painting.  I'll be offering a very limited edition of only 20 signed and numbered 16"x20" prints on canvas of this painting.  I'll repost here when these are available for sale and will be offering them for sale through my Etsy store,