Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Work - "Summer Paint

This is one I painted over Christmas.  Started just before, and, finishe right after!  It is currently listed for sale on ebay at

"Summer Paint" 9x12 alkyd oil painting

New Work - Pet Portraits

Here are a bunch more Pet Portraits from the Wet Canvas Swap.
"Cody & Kaylee on a Moose" 4x6

"Emma" 4x6

"Gateway Window Gazing" 2.5x3.5

"KC" 4x6

"Lacey" 4x6

"Maggie" 4x6

"O'Malley the Alley Cat" 2.5x3.5

"Sandy" 4x6

"Sweet Moo" 4x6

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Work - Pet Portrait Swap

 Here's another lot of pet portraits done for the Wet Canvas Pet Portrait Swap. 

"Maisy" 2.4x3.5

"Oscar" 2.5x3.5

"Pepper" 2.5x3.5

"Pirate" 2.5x3.5

"Rose & April" 4x6

 "Peppermint" 2.5x3.6 color pencil
"Armand" 2.5x3.5
"Bob the Fainting Goat" 5x7

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sketchbook - Cassie, Pronghorn, Cricket, Saddle Bronc

This is our little pretzle-girl Cassie. 

This is Cricket a yearling we had for a very short time before she was tragically injured and had to be euthanized.  She was a sweet filly and a real beauty. 

From a photo I took at a Fort Worth rodeo

a study of a pronghorn buck done for practice for the painting, "Fleet Pronghorns"

Friday, September 10, 2010

WIP - Market Dancer - Finished!

This is a new commissioned centaur painting...a belly dancing centaur!  She is a professional working the market with her two young apprentices to help collect coins from her appreciative audience.  This will be 11x14 and loosely based on a ancient greece as the setting.  I will update this same post as new work is completed on this, so, all parts of this WIP will be in one place.  

The first 3 sketches are approximately 3x4" and were to work out a basic layout.  I used color pens to define the differant parts just to make them easier to see...the color here is not indicative of what the final painting will be. 

This is a full sized drawing working with the chosen elements from the initial sketches. 

Here is the final drawing transfered onto a toned Art & Enns gessoed panel.  We decided to go a bit larger so it would have a bit more breathing space, so, now this is 12x16.

Finished.  Following are detail close-ups

Hope you enjoyed the WIP!

New Work - Pet Project "Crabby Cat's Jewel

I loved this cat's coloration and that eye is such an unusual clear green!   Oil ACEO

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Work - Centaurs

These two centaur paintings got forgotten, but, now I'll post them here! 

"Baby Centaurfold" 5x7 oil

"Daughter of the Moon"  4x4 oil

New Work - Portrait Swap

At this point I have completed ten portraits, but, only a few have made it to thier destinations yet!  Some of these are going global with some going to Spain, England, Austrailia, Belgium, and South thier may be a long wait on some of these!  Here are the confirmed arrivals;

"Girls At Play" oil 2.5x3.5

"Leo - Son of King" oil 2.5x3.5
Such a gorgeous gypsy horse!

"Belle"  2.5x3.5 oil
I love a happy face!

"Sandy" 4x6 oil
Such an elegant beauty, I just had to paint her!

Most of these portraits will be ACEO/ATC sized, but, I will have a few 4x6 as well.   Be sure to check out the other artists work here;

Gallery of Swap Art