Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sketchbook - Cassie, Pronghorn, Cricket, Saddle Bronc

This is our little pretzle-girl Cassie. 

This is Cricket a yearling we had for a very short time before she was tragically injured and had to be euthanized.  She was a sweet filly and a real beauty. 

From a photo I took at a Fort Worth rodeo

a study of a pronghorn buck done for practice for the painting, "Fleet Pronghorns"

Friday, September 10, 2010

WIP - Market Dancer - Finished!

This is a new commissioned centaur painting...a belly dancing centaur!  She is a professional working the market with her two young apprentices to help collect coins from her appreciative audience.  This will be 11x14 and loosely based on a ancient greece as the setting.  I will update this same post as new work is completed on this, so, all parts of this WIP will be in one place.  

The first 3 sketches are approximately 3x4" and were to work out a basic layout.  I used color pens to define the differant parts just to make them easier to see...the color here is not indicative of what the final painting will be. 

This is a full sized drawing working with the chosen elements from the initial sketches. 

Here is the final drawing transfered onto a toned Art & Enns gessoed panel.  We decided to go a bit larger so it would have a bit more breathing space, so, now this is 12x16.

Finished.  Following are detail close-ups

Hope you enjoyed the WIP!

New Work - Pet Project "Crabby Cat's Jewel

I loved this cat's coloration and that eye is such an unusual clear green!   Oil ACEO

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Work - Centaurs

These two centaur paintings got forgotten, but, now I'll post them here! 

"Baby Centaurfold" 5x7 oil

"Daughter of the Moon"  4x4 oil

New Work - Portrait Swap

At this point I have completed ten portraits, but, only a few have made it to thier destinations yet!  Some of these are going global with some going to Spain, England, Austrailia, Belgium, and South Africa...so thier may be a long wait on some of these!  Here are the confirmed arrivals;

"Girls At Play" oil 2.5x3.5

"Leo - Son of King" oil 2.5x3.5
Such a gorgeous gypsy horse!

"Belle"  2.5x3.5 oil
I love a happy face!

"Sandy" 4x6 oil
Such an elegant beauty, I just had to paint her!

Most of these portraits will be ACEO/ATC sized, but, I will have a few 4x6 as well.   Be sure to check out the other artists work here;

Gallery of Swap Art

Pet Portrait Swap!

I joined in on the Wet Canvas Pet Portrait Swap for the practice in painting pet portraits, and, just because it sounded like fun! The swap is limited to 30 artists participants and each member sets up a gallery of thier own pet photographs for the other members to work from.  Each member commits to painting at least one portrait for each of the participants and sending it to them.  In return, each member should receive at least one painting from each member...paint 30/receive 30.   It is a lot, but so far has been well worth it in experience gained, comraderie, and good art, seen  and received!  I will list my contributions here as 'New Work' as they are received by their recipients...don't want to spoil thier surprise by listing them too soon, so, I must wait until I hear back that their art has arrived.  You can view the completed art here:

Final Artwork

This project will continue for several  months, so, check back often to see the new work that has been added! 

New Work - A Chance Find

Here is the final version..finished, and, delivered...