Thursday, February 25, 2010

Texas Tiller

This little armadillo has been living under our deck for years and usually we just get quick glimpses of him and hear him rooting around at night.  Today, he came out early and spent several hours foraging among the fallen leaves in the back yard.  He was timid at all.  I stood within 20 feet to take pics of him and he didn't even act nervous.  Here are a few pics of the 50+ I took.  Notice the scars and tattered ear.  I think he had a run in with a coyote or dog.  Most likely coyotes as there is a pack that lives in the field just out back of our house.  We hear them howling at night when the pack congregates. 
Note the tooth scars on his upper and lower shoulder. 

Something tried to chew his ear off.

Digging....plowing the yard


Going in deep!


  1. He is so cool!!! Great photos! I think you need to name him!

  2. Tilly! LOL! It is amazing just how destructive this little guy is to a yard/garden! Holes everywhere! I thought squirrels were bad with all the holes they dig to bury acorns in, but, armadillos leave holes big enough to plant basketballs in! Good thing we don't garden any more! The wildlife is more important to us than a yard that keeps up with the Jones. Should see our regular troop of 12+ racoons that stop by for free handouts every night! This year I figure it'll grow to about 24 with all the new 'coonlets to come. My mom and sister get a kick out of feeding them, and, have been doing so for years. The coons are bold as brass and climb on the screen door and shake it until they get thier dinner.

  3. Awww I want a cute armadillo in my garden! Nothing so interesting on the wildlife front here in the UK sadly!