Monday, February 22, 2010

New Work - Beachball Babe

This latest little centaur is another oil ACEO, just 2.5"x3.5".  The detail image is much larger than lifesize!


  1. Hello Kerry! Can you say C.U.T.E.? So...this is what I have been waiting for!? You BET!!! I love nearly every one of Kerrys' Centaur Kidd pictures along with the older Centaurs pictures! I hope I can get this one to add to the Kidds Club house on my growing Centaur Ranch here in Montana! Kerrys' work is Cool, Clean & Wonderful! May she have a following of bidders, Buyers & followers through out the years ahead! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  2. Glad you like him, Don! I like how he came out too, although he is a bit devilish-looking! Just mischievious, perhaps, but, with little horn nubs under that hair, lol! One more starts today on ebay at 4:30pm ebay time!