Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I don't want to see another cake for at least another year!  I've O.D.'d on birthday cake and icecream!  My b-day was the 5th, but, we celebrated my big day on sunday and had a combination b-day/superbowl party, and, yeah...my team won!  (usually, I think I jinx my fav teams by watching them, lol!)  I still don't have any new work to show, but, I do have work in progress...two ACEO dog portraits, three small horse paintings, and, one centaur ACEO.  I should have something new to show very soon. 

I should hear from my printer any day now about the prints being made of  "Anniversary Adornment", the new centaur painting.  I'll be offering a very limited edition of only 20 signed and numbered 16"x20" prints on canvas of this painting.  I'll repost here when these are available for sale and will be offering them for sale through my Etsy store, www.KerryOriginals.etsy.com


  1. Dear Kerry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Now I know when it is! It is 2 days before Anna Karin Larssons. Another artist I collect Centaur Artwork from, who lives in Sweden. When you get the Canvas prints back & I get the one I ordered, I will send it to Anna for HER Birthday! I hope your year is filled with Family, Friends & Happiness! I will be looking out for your new Centaur piece! What WILL it be? Sincerely, Don Kephart

  2. Hmmm...another aquarian painter...how unique. (I think about half the artists I know are february babies, LOL!) Hope she likes her b-day gift! I'm still waiting to hear from the printer. I'll give him 'til the end of the week before I go pounding on his door. As for the new centaur piece....lol...you'll have to wait n see!