Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Work - Braiding Mother's Hair

Finally it is done!   this oil painting is 16x20.   I will be offering a limited edition of 16x20 prints on canvas of this and will list them here and on etsy once they are available.  Here are the final photos with some detail close-ups.  You can click on the photos to see enlargements. 


  1. Dearest Kerry, A Triumph of near perfection! You, my Dear have a Patron who will ask you for many future commissions, if you wish! I looked at the final piece & found 2 added items. The necklace on the older Daughter that I asked you for. And the Blue Stone on the Mothers hind hoof gold band. If there were other small additions, I could not find any. LOL! I thought of something that popped into my head when I asked for the necklace. I hope it is funny to you...The Mother gave the older Daughter the Necklace, to look more refined and presentable. Because her Daughter (Fillied) out so well this year! (Filled out) Get it? LOL! Sorry, I HAD to tell you & get it out of my system! You have my deepest, sincerest thanks & congratulations on this Exceptional Oil Painting! Till we talk again of future Projects or new Fantasy pieces you put up on Ebay, A Greatful friend & Patron, Don Kephart

  2. LOL, Don! She's still a lanky filly, but, definately starting to filly out! Ha! I'm glad you like the final. I could go on forever adding this n that, but, right now it is at a point that any more may just detract from what has already been done. In addition to adding the two bits of jewelery you noted, I also did some touchups on highlights and shadows to improve definition on the tail jewelery, added highlights to the mothers necklace and earring, added highlights to the mothers face and refined the dogs facial features.

    I have been thinking of some new painting ideas! I'll work out some sketches soon and see what you think of them. In the mean time, I need to get to work again and stop sluffing off so much (this is my first new work for this year and nothing on ebay!)lol! I'll do some small works including some smaller centaur pieces and see if I can't get something moving on ebay and etsy again. Thankyou again, Don, for being such a wonderful friend, collector, inspiration...patron! I'm looking foreward to our next centaur project!

  3. Dearest Kerry! I received the Package today & it was in good condition. The original painting, "Anniversary Adornment" is so Beautiful! I will need to get my glasses to look at it closer for days. Get all the fine small details discovered! LOL! The Canvas print is VERY precise as well as I can tell! You have a great printer there! My Friend & Artist Anna, who lives in Sweden will be very thrilled when she sees the print of the painting in the original size for her Birthday! We MUST do more Commissions this year. When ever we decide on a theme. As you said, "It IS the best Fantasy piece you have done so far! I Agree!!! I wish you all the best in selling the prints online or at Art shows in the coming months! Fantasy art as Western/natural art is a growing field & collectors are wanting... I have been wanting for 35 years & it never stops! LOL! Till our next project & beyond, I am honored to know you as a good Friend & a Superb Artist! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  4. Don, I am so glad that the art arrived safely and that you are pleased with the painting and print. I also thought the printers did a superb job with the reproduction. I can hardly tell the original and print apart, at least not from more than 3 feet away. I may enter one of the prints in an exhibit of local art in Fort Worth if I can get it down there in time tomorrow. It aught to give the locals something a bit differant to see from the usual western, and abstract that usually prevails at these shows. I'd love to hear what people say about this one! LOL! I'll let you know if I get it in the show or not and how it does, if anything!

  5. Dear Kerry! I am the VERY VERY proud owner of Canvas Print no. 2 of this one. It keep getting such wonderful comments from friends and family that comes to our home. It was a beautiful gift form Mr Kephart and I am at awe every day when I see it in our livingroom. It has become a very treasured item and I am glad it found its way to my home. Keep up the good work, you are such an inspiration!

    Anna-Karin Larsson
    *Fellow Centaur artist*

  6. Anna,
    I am so thrilled to hear from you! I was very honored when Don purchased the print as a gift to you, and thought what a wonderful thing for him to do! I'm very glad you like it, too! Thankyou for commenting on my blog!