Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WIP - 16x20 Centaur Braiding - Part 9

Almost Done!  After being forced by a bad modem to stay off the internet, I managed to put quite a bit of time into this and have it very nearly completed!  Whoohoo!  There are a few things that still need finishing off and a few touchups here an there, but, the majority of this is done!  I really had a blast painting this!  Trying to come up with the interior of thier home, with all the decor and furnishings was very challenging and has been an evolution with many changes along the way.  That archway and the pillars was by far the most difficult part and is still not quite where I want it, so, I may yet make more changes to the upper archway and the uppermost walls before I call this done.  I replaced the framed painting and the oil lamp from the back wall.  The painting was just too modern-looking and the lamp was too distracting by appearing to sprout from the littlest girls head.  Finally, the mother is now holding a hand mirror and sporting the latest in upper class centaur fashion and accessories.  Here are a bunch of close-up images.  Click on the images to see enlarged photo images!


  1. Dearest Kerry, I missed you this last 10 days & was starting to worry. Glad you are back! As to the Painting...SO BEAUTIFUL!!!YOU my dear are SO talented!!! What would I do if you were not painting such gorgeous & interesting Centaur Oil pictures? My Fantasy art collection would not shine so brightly, that is what! Even with your switching things in the picture, you have exceeded my greatest expectations! You have many Commissions coming in the years to come from me, if you wish it so. The littlest girl & kitty have faces!!! YAY! They look good too! I've studied the new photos & found many changes, deletions, additions, refinements, etc. I AM IN AWE! Thank you for being you! From one of your patrons, collectors & adoring fans! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  2. Sorry, Don! My reply to this post somehow didn't get posted right! Mostly I was just stating that this painting was now finished...yeah, right! As you now know, I've already repainted it again,since then! ha!