Thursday, December 31, 2009

WIP - 16x20 Centaur Braiding - Part 7

Now I'm starting to paint!  I have been putting a little time into this here and there as time allowed over the holidays and have done some decorating on the pillars and just in general cleaning up edges and defining the objects and shadow shapes.  On the 29th Dec.  I started painting the face and hair of the mother centaur.  Faces tend to be very absorbing and require several seperate sessions using dry brushing  techniques to build up opacity and detailing.

These two images show most of what I was working on on the 29, detailing the pillars and starting the face of the mother centaur.  Sorry for the glare on the painting.

 I also spent most of my time yesterday painting the same face and today, I also worked the stone floor, the rug, the side table and the legs and values of all three centaurs.  I do a lot of skipping around when I paint, LOL!

Here's a close-up of the mothers face.  This will get a bit more work, mostly on the details such as eyes, lips and jewelery, ect.  I'm just starting to lay in the daughters features here.

This side table was just a bit to plain, lol!  OK, I really had planned it to be a carved and inlaid table all along...I just wasn't sure what was going on it until I did it.  Notice the dragon carving with taloned foot on the chaise.

This last image shows some of the flooring detail and the rug.  Much more to be done on all of this, but, it is starting to get there!  


  1. This is already beautiful Kerry! I know the finished project will be gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Thankyou, Gail! Happy New Year! There is so much more background detail I want to put into this one yet. I think I could be working on this for some time to come! LOL!

  3. Happy New Year, Kerry! I'm sure we will compliment each other many times in 2010! As in you creating Centaur art & I collecting much of that art! I am seeing for the 1st time how & why you do such detail in your oil paintings! I am SO proud of you & your talents in creating this large commission for me. The carving in the Chais & inlaid table! Oh...The Beauty! The tile work, rug & Next roon details! The Column decorations. Especially the Beads decorating the Mothers top piece & jewelry! Your faces are So beautiful! I have seen it on many of your recent pictures. Go ahead & skip around all you want in this painting. It is coming along better than I envisioned. YOU are a TRUE Artist in the Best sense! May you never lack in commissions, buyers or fans! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  4. Don, I am truly grateful that you so appreciate the work I do...the centaurs, that is! Not many artists these days are lucky enough to attract the patronage of such a devoted and encouraging art collector as yourself! Thankyou my friend!