Friday, September 10, 2010

WIP - Market Dancer - Finished!

This is a new commissioned centaur painting...a belly dancing centaur!  She is a professional working the market with her two young apprentices to help collect coins from her appreciative audience.  This will be 11x14 and loosely based on a ancient greece as the setting.  I will update this same post as new work is completed on this, so, all parts of this WIP will be in one place.  

The first 3 sketches are approximately 3x4" and were to work out a basic layout.  I used color pens to define the differant parts just to make them easier to see...the color here is not indicative of what the final painting will be. 

This is a full sized drawing working with the chosen elements from the initial sketches. 

Here is the final drawing transfered onto a toned Art & Enns gessoed panel.  We decided to go a bit larger so it would have a bit more breathing space, so, now this is 12x16.

Finished.  Following are detail close-ups

Hope you enjoyed the WIP!


  1. A unique idea & setting. Kerry's Fantasy oil pictures equal & sometimes surpass her Nature & Animal paintings! But I am biased! I have MOST of her Fantasy paintings & am PROUD to own them! GO KERRY! Sincerely, Don Kephart