Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Work - Tending Crops

I have a little catching up to do here as I have a few new pieces that didn't get posted to my blog! So, here are the new ones in newest first order!

"Tending Crops" aceo oil painting

"The Chase" oil 4x6
"Shiney New Shoes" oil 4x6

"Best Friends" oil 4x6


  1. Hi Kerry, A wonderful assortment of Fantasy oil art pieces! And all 5 are Mine!!! Including the ACME Salestaur! HaHaHa! Plus finally the great picture, "Domastic Bliss!" Quite a haul in the last 2 months! Your count in the Kephart Centaur Universal Artist scale of collected works is now #4! With 51 great pieces of art in my collection. About 16 or so MORE pieces in the coming years, you should hit #3 on the list! From there it will be a while to #2. LOL! Thank you again & again for making my Fantasy art collection THAT much more Splendid and Classy! Your Servant, Don Kephart

  2. Thank you, Don! It is hard to believe that I've actually painted that many! As you know, I lost track of the number long ago, lol!

    Only #4!!! Guess I better get back to painting if I hope to surpass my current standings in your museum and chase down your #1! It's all been great fun though, Don, and I will be painting more soon!

  3. Kerry, Although you are #4 on the total collected artist list, You ARE #1 in the Oil Painting Artist list! The other 3 prominant artists do either, mostly Graphite #2, or colored pencils, Pen & ink, Graphite #1, or pen & ink, graphite, & Acrylic paint #3. So in fact, for a basic one medium Knowledged (oil)artist as you, finished works, you Are #1 in oils! Sketches not included. LOL! So buck up. You are truely the #1 finished artist in My book! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  4. Oh, well that's better! LOL! I always think I should go back to graphite or would be so much faster...and I could really make inroads on that #1 spot! I used to work in a variety of media including watercolor, colorpencils, graphite, acrylics, india ink, and of course, oils. I find it very hard to stay interested in any other media now, though. I might get one or two done, but, then I'd get so bored with it that I'd be back working with the oils again pronto! Might consider a centaur or two in other media sometime, though...and see if I can't push my numbers even higher!

  5. Dear Kerry, "COOL!" I would love to see your finished Graphite. Pen & Ink or water color pieces sometime. I am sure I would bid or buy anyway! Not being Oil that is! LOL! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  6. me some interesting ideas to play around with! ;)