Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Work - Winter Stroll

Finally something new to show!   This is my first winter piece of the season...where did the time go!  I had planned to have a whole series of winter scenes done this year, but, it just has not happened yet, and now, it may never get least not this year!  I'm dreaming of a white christmas, and this little painting may be the closest I'll get to that living here in central texas!  Oh, it does snow here... usually 2 or 3 times each winter, but, I don't recall having a white christmas as long as I've lived here!  So, I'll just paint a wintery scene instead...less shoveling to deal with, ha!  This is an 8x8 oil on panel. 

"Winter Stroll"


  1. Dear Kerry, I saw, I considered, and I bought! I couldn't let this one get away! Such a Darling, Charming and Wholesome Family picture! This is one of your BEST Centaur pictures EVER! Please surprise me again & again in the future but give me a week leaway to get ready for any new Centaur pictures! LOL! YOU, Kerry are a rare commodity in the art field! I am priviliged to know you & collect your many art treasures! "I'll be there." Don Kephart

  2. Gail, Thankyou! It is so good to hear from you again!

    Wow! I'm so glad I can create something that pleases you so much! Centaurs intrigue me, and, I do love the challenge of thinking up new centaur scenarios, Don. Each new painting is an evolution of my concept of centaurs, too. How I envision thier characters and culture is all pure fantasy to be sure, and yet a very serious endevour, too. Every 'taur painting I do just leads to more ideas for interesting scenarios, so, I have plenty of ideas for future paintings, and, I can't foresee running out of ideas for more any time soon, lol! The only problem is which to do next!

  3. Kerry, I'm happy that you love to do these Centaur Fantasy pictures! That you have plenty of ideas is great & doing the pictures is a Serious endevour for you! For you to make the characters & their situations as beautiful & REAL as possible,(as if from a real world), is a testiment to your artistic skill! Do which ever idea you want to next! What you do IS exceptional! I wish everyone who loves Fantasy art would come to realise this, visit your site & buy more from you. Sincerely, Don Kephart

  4. Thankyou, Don! I do plan to work in more fantasy work this coming year!