Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WIP - 16x20 Centaur 'Braiding' Painting

I will be starting this new centaur oil painting soon. This one is inspired from this sketch from my centaur sketchbook and will be done in oils at 16x20.

I'm still working out the drawing and plan to explore a horizontal format so I can space out the figures a bit more. This vertical format sketch on tracing paper is my first idea, but, it is just a start. More to come later as I plan to photograph and comment on the progress of this work in progress.


  1. It will be one of your VERY BEST Fantasy oil paintings! I have 29 of Kerry's Fantasy oils in all sizes & according to my tastes in her works, This will be a crowning achievement! Till the next one comes along! LOL! My sincerest wishes for Kerrys' continuing success' and being better & better at what she does best! Sketching & then Painting those sketches. Go get them, Kerry! From a non-biased collector, Don Kephart

  2. Unbias, indeed! LOL, Don! I have high hopes for this one, too! I have played around with the drawing a bit and have changed the positions a little. I'll get it cleaned up enough for pics and post the latest version here...soon! Really! I'll get to it as soon soon as...hmmm. I hate to make promises I can't keep, so, I'll just say, Soon!

  3. That is fine, Kerry. Take whatever time you need to design/layout this picture. This is YOUR baby! Creating the oil painting will be a challenge & the finished picture should be incredible! I will be with you in spirit till then. As always, a VERY satisfied custoner, Collector & Patron, Don Kephart