Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Work - "Sweet Dreams"

   Dreaming sweet dreams with her favorite dollies; fluffy and baby-soft, this baby centaur fell asleep right where she played in the home garden.   This new centaur painting  oil on 6x8" hardboard panel. 


  1. "Sweet Dreams" Is another leap forward for Kerry! She takes Centaur "LIFE" cycles & makes a painting of it. Adventuring, Home life, mates, etc. Now a Young Centaur being, in the start of her new life. All around, Kerry is doing wonderful works in the Fantasy field of Art! I hope I can get 'Sweet Dreams"! Every Centaur picture I get from Kerry, increases the quantity & Quality of my 35 year art collection. GO KERRY!Sincerely & gratefully, Don Kephart

  2. Dear Kerry! I won & received "Sweet Dreams". I knew from some of my past oil pictures from you, that you were very precise & exacting in yout detail work. BUT individual eye lashes on the Sleeping Baby Centaur!?? Now THAT is a GREAT Artist! No wonder I LOVE your Centaur Works! Others should get on the Bandwagon with me! Kerry's work is WONDERFUL! Sincerely, Don Kephart