Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On The Easel (or under it, or behind it, even nowhere near it!)

I really have a lot of work in the works, lol! Sometimes I will start something, but then, set it aside to start on something else that just seems more important at the moment. Most of these I will finish at some time, although one or two could end up completely abandoned...or worse still...end up as a quickie palette to mix paint on and ruined forever with big globs of dried paint all over them! Here's the latest assortment, some actually getting some work done on them...

This centaur aceo is suffering for lack of inspiration at the moment...it may become a repository for dried paint glob..or, it might suddenly get a streak of amazing inspiration to save it!
This is Norman my sister/BILs deceased pet...must get back to this one!

I like how this one started, really will finish it sometime!

I like this one  too, but, it has been languishing for many months now...hmmm.  must do something about this!

Foxy Fae one of our cats...and a real struggle!  Those eyes are still lopsided! Ack!
This appy if from the WetCanvas RIL and I really like him, but, I hate working from photos on the computer but my color printer is permanently out of ink, so.....who knows what will become of him!

These two really are currently on the easle!  Now, I just need to turn this computer off and get back to painting! 


  1. Hi Kerry! The 1st ACEO centaur COULD be in the rain carrying an umbrella with a one piece rain outfit. Second Idea: She is an avon salestaur, with many products in herback piece of many pockets or...Third idea, she is a Groomstaur holding & combing another Centaurs tail in the picture! The two pictures of the Centaur Couple, please finish. They do not HAVE to be clothed, but DO finish them! I Like! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  2. LOL! I nearly choked when I read 'avon salestaur'! You certainly give me something to consider! As for the last two, I really had planned to cloth them...really! (I do have a wild herd in mind that wear none, however! Being from high northern lands,and not relying on clothing for warmth, they tend to become quite shaggy in the winter!)

  3. Dear Kerry, I will keep watching & see how they come out! don Kephart