Monday, May 3, 2010

WIP - Pronghorns

This is one I just started today, but, I have done a bit of researching and studying to get the anatomy down and to make sure I don't do something silly in my composition like make the pronghorns jump a!  (Pronghorns do not jump!)   Anyway, this is just the start and even this drawing will likey undergo some changes before I get too much farther into this. 

This was my intial sketch that inspired the paintings.. I'm not re-creating this in the painting.  Rather, I am drawing a similar but differant image.

Here I started drawing onto my hardboard panel using soft vine charcoal.  I then went over the vine charcoal with the hard charcoal pencil.

the finished drawing...

and, the roughed-ing under painting.  More to come soon!

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