Friday, October 9, 2009

New Work - Heading Home

I started this one last weekend and spent all day today finishing all the final detailing.  This is 6" x 8" oil on birch panel. 


  1. Dear Kerry! So many... so fast. My head is in a spin! BUT well worth it! Taking your Sketches & turning them into Mini oil Paintings is working out very well for you...& ME! I enjoy bidding on almost every one of your Centaur themed OOAK's or OSWOA's! You are truely one of my favorite artists to Collect from! I hope I will win this latest GEM from your imagination! Always know that I will try my very best to win YOUR very BEST! Sincerely, Don Kephart

  2. I must'nt make my #1 collector dizzy! More will follow, but, at a more leisurely pace! Thanks, Don!

  3. Dear Kerry! I WON it! "Going Home" is another really fine Fantasy Centaur OSWA! It will go well with the other 30+ Centaur pieces that I have had the priviledge of winning or buying out right from you! Thanks again! I will be awaiting the next ??? Centaur piece to come. Sincerely, Don Kephart