Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Work - Beach Girls

I finally finished a new painting! I really am trying to get back into the swing of painting, but, you know how it is...the more time away from it, the harder it is to get back to it! I miss painting, and, I have lots of ideas for new work...just can't seem to get going on them! Well, this is another centaur piece. This time, my girls are on vacation, too! Hope you all like them!


  1. Oh wow!!! The horse....stunning!! The beach girls - are beyond wonderful!! I looove it!!! You do such amazing work!!!
    I understand how you feel. My summers are filled with older kiddos camp that I run all summer - soooo ready for fall!!! I am just getting bck in the swing myself!!! Looks like you have an amazing start!!! Sarah

  2. Thankyou, Sarah! I so look foreward to cooler weather and must get cranked up artwise if I expect to do anything over the holidays!

  3. It IS a stunning achievement & was hard to get. I am privilaged & proud to own this magnificent original! I want to Thank Kerry for continuing her centaur Paintings, no matter how small or large! I will do my best to keep collecting her works now & into the Future! Look out world, Kerry is coming through! Don Kephart-Patron

  4. You're an angel, Don! You may not be the reason I started painting centaurs, but, you certainly are to blame for my continuing to do so! Ha! I truly do enjoy painting them,so, you expect many more in the future!

    ...and now that I have finally figured out what the blog post comment moderation is...I'll try not to let any more comments go so long, lost in the folds of cyberfiles!