Monday, March 30, 2009

The Store Plan

I've been selling my small artworks on eBay since 2005 Generally, I try to list new work for sale on eBay to end on Sundays, and, Mondays and have found that having them end on those two days have been best for selling as more people are online then. It is my one attempt at consistancy in my marketing, although I confess, even in this I tend to be inconsistant from time to time! In addition to eBay for selling my artwork, I am preparing to open an Auctiva Commerce webstore...soon. Ha! I should already have it up and running, but...well, let's just say it is a brand new site and is not as user (beginner!) friendly yet as they (and I) had hoped! I'm having problems getting the setup for shipping and other parts of the store done, so, for now it is in limbo as I am facing these problems by avoidance! But, I will have to stop avoiding these problems soon and get this store opened! I made a new years resolution and marketing plan to get this store up and producing as my main goal of the year...and time is ticking away...tick, tick, tick, tick...

Once the Auctiva Commerce store is up and running, I will be listing everything I have in it, small originals and prints, and all my larger paintings, too. I will continue to offer my smaller paintings on ebay for awhile, too, for a short listing run. After a week listing, any unsold small work on eBay will go into the estore next. All the larger new work and new prints will go directly to the estore. It is my hope eventually to get this new estore selling well enough to eliminate selling on ebay, but, for now eBay is still the only game in town...even with all thier new seller-unfriendly changes.

So, that is the plan. Now, to get it going!


  1. I really love the pinto Kerry!

    I'm slow on getting my store up and running also! Too busy at work, too tired at night!

  2. I'm just procrastinating and need to just force myself to get it done, lol! Problem is, I'd rather be painting or playing on the computer instead of learning how to set up my store! I better get to it soon, too, because my free trial period is going to end soon and it will still be waiting to open. I look forward to seeing your new store when it is up, Gail! Be sure and let me know when it is done! Kerry