Friday, March 6, 2009


One of the art projects I am currently involved with is the Horse Breed a Week Challenge on which started in January and will run all year. Most of my entries are just small quick sketches in graphite and a few full color paintings as time allows. I'm not new to horse art, but, this project has already been a wonderful education for me as it has covered breeds I rarely or never paint and has been really good for shaking me out of my comfort zone!

"Irish Draught" graphite sketch 4x6"

I bought a wonderful leather-bound sketchbook with more than 300 pages to it at the start of this project. It is my goal to fill this with drawings from the Horse Breed Challenge and any other subjects that strike my fancy! Another project I am participating in on WetCanvas is the Dog Breed project that runs every two weeks. I'll be mixing the dogs in with the horses in this new sketchbook, too. I have been drawing and painting horses all my life, but, dogs are a new subject for me, so, this project will be a really great way to get to know some of the dog breeds and get my feet wet with canine art.

"Pug" 4"x6" oil painting

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