Friday, June 15, 2018

Meriko - I'll Surf With You!

"Meriko - I'll Surf With You!"
12 x 16 alkyd oil painting

Original idea sketches

chosen layout

Blocking in some colors

Moving turtle back to where I originally had it in the sketches.  I moved it because I was thinking of adding more animal life, but, it quickly became obvious that the central position was not working for the composition.

Painting in Hawaii's Diamond Head volcano using a (one hair) 00 Umbria round brush.  

more work on the island.

Jumping in on the wave

More on the wave and working in the reef under water.

Pretty corals and fish and light-dappled white sand

more on the water … waves, texture, values, and texture

Yep!  Still working on that wave!

See … We have dolphins!  

… and terns, albatrosses, and, a frigate bird.

Starting work on the surfer-dude, and, changed the color of his board.

He's cute enough … or ...  

perhaps a little odd yet.  We'll see if he doesn't improve as I go along here.

More work on … the water (duh!) Also, the hotel back there has grown some windows.

Working on Meriko now and, of course more on the wave, and water, and hotel, and, and, ...

Sun glistens off their shiny, wet bods … and he has a puka shell and shark tooth necklace!


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