Monday, March 29, 2010

New Work - Domestic Bliss

Hi, y'all!  I'm back!  I have something new...finally!  More centaurs!  No spring chickens this time, either.  Granma and Granpa taurs in a quiet domestic scene where he is relaxing after a long days work, just mellowing out with some wine and music and she is keeping warm by the fire and catching up on some mending.  This is a 9x12 oil on hardboard panel. 


  1. Dear Kerry, Another excellent scene in the many times & places in centaurs lives! Great depth & feeling in this calm oil painting of the twilight years of a Centaur couple! Congratulations! You have proven yourself once again to be a great creater of Centaur situations & the artistic skill to make them real! Sincerely, a Fan, Patron & collector of your works, Don Kephart