Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breed A Week Project - Cleveland Bay

I finally got back to finish this one. I did start it several weeks ago when the Cleveland Bay was the current breed in the Wet Canvas project...just never finished it and ended up going on to other paintings. I tend to do that...a lot. Whenever something new catches my interest, I may stop what I'm working on to start the new project. As a result, I usually have several paintings in progress or just sitting in a corner waiting to be noticed and finally finished. Today, I tried to round up a few of those and did finish several that have been kicked around on my work table for the past month. This one is a 4x6 of a cleveland bay stallion ready for the showring.


  1. Beautiful Kerry!! One of my favorites.

  2. thankyou, Gail! I really enjoyed this one. This is a breed I've known about, but, never really looked at, if you know what I mean! Anyway, I really love the look of this breed!

  3. Kerry -- just beautiful. We are attempting to promote the rare and almost extinct Cleveland Bay here in Georgia. The 2007 purebred numbers were 500 in the world, and 147 in the US, Peters Creek Farm laid claim as home to 13. They are a magnificient and versatile and hopefully soon a "not so forgotten" breed. I invite you to come visit at www.peterscreekfarm.com