Friday, April 3, 2009

NEW WORK - Gridiron Taurs

When I paint my centaur paintings, I try to imagine what they would really be like if they actually existed. In many of my depictions of them, I created a world for them of thier own, a world in which the centaurs must fight for world dominance against the blood-thirsty dragons in a savage post apocalyptic culture. Another scenario I like to imagine what they would be like in the world of Greek mythology taking part in everyday activities amongst the early human civilization. In a third scenario, like in this new painting, the centaurs are alive and well in present-day America! In "Gridiron Taurs" the Red team is trying to defend against a high-leaping lunge for the goal line!

"Gridiron Taurs" 6x8 inches oil on birch panel


  1. This is so clever! You have a wonderful imagination Kerry!

  2. Thankyou, Gail! These boys were a blast to paint! I had more fun dressing them! lol!


  3. Great imagination and depiction of it! Wonderful painting, Kerry. I love it.