Friday, March 15, 2013

Horses, Art Business, and, Online Sales

Just what do horses, art business, and, internet selling have to do with one another?

 To many of you ... possibly nothing at all! To me, I obtained an eye-opening education after I teamed up with Empower Network - an online marketing and blogging system-- and, a relationship does exist between the trio, at least to me it does! As a full time painter, I make art working in alkyd oil paints and have been producing and selling my paintings on the web ... hence marketing and advertising to some extent ... and, nearly all my paintings of the past eight years feature horses or fantasy horse creatures namely unicorns, flying horses, and centaurs! By using the instructional resources from Empower Network, I can now see how my art business ... in fact any business venture at all, can be vastly improved ... just by adhering to the Empower Network guidelines!

"Stallion's Overlook" 12x16 original oil painting by Kerry Nelson

Being an artist, I have constantly had a hard time with the selling and marketing aspects of my art business.

 It just has not come easy! I have been resistant to seeking and learning the skills and strategies of web based selling that would likely improve my art business revenues. It just seems so complex and necessitates a lot of time invested in mastering it; precious time that might be devoted to creating fresh new art to sell, instead. To me, selling art has been truly a volumes game in order to make any money whatsoever from it. Only all new, stimulating original works have much chance of selling, so, my only real tactic has been to push my production to try and keep new works before the public as often and as regularly as I can. This strategy, nonetheless, has not been a very efficient approach to earn money with my art business. By following the step by step guidance of the Empower Network, however, I have seen how I will be able to transform my weak, non-selling art promotional endeavors into a powerful, very noticeable selling machine!
  • To begin with, each piece of artwork I make, including the credit card-sized miniatures called ACEOs or ATCs, takes a significant quantity of time to produce. Time needed to complete a painting can fluctuate anywhere from 8-10 hrs. for the tiny ACEOs up to several months to complete much larger paintings. Regardless of the way I aim to hurry it up, my painting method is a labor of love. It is an intensively intricate and representative style - that simply requires time! It has taken me 50+ years to acquire my skills as an artist. Altering my style now, to a less complex, less intensive one just is not an alternative. I believe the slow creation of original art works will no longer be a concern with the affiliate marketing potentials available with Empower Network. I can continue to sell my original art, and simultaneously, with the same efforts, bring in an outstanding recurring income by virtue of affiliate marketing.

  • Second, although it takes me a long time to paint them, marketing my art business up until now still did not make it possible for me to sell my paintings for what I put into them. I had no alternative source of income, and therefore, I sold my paintings for what I presumed or knew I might get for them, not risking the uncertainty of valuing them high enough to actually earn a profit on the time and know-how that have gone into producing each original piece. As a group, artists tend to be bad business people. We are typically too sentimentally committed to our creations to take the impersonal attitude regarding valuing and marketing it. Self worth is a challenging topic for artists (myself included!) too, because we discover early on in our art careers to criticize our own work with surgical precision, to tear it apart as a means to improving our abilities. As a result of this, we tend to associate our personal significance with our perceived importance of our 'imperfect' artworks, and for this reason, it is difficult to request a premium price for a product we (will always) find imperfections in. Using the marketing tools of the Empower Network, I will gladly not only price my original work as they should be to reflect their correct value, but, I will actually be able to market them successfully and sell them!

  • Third, I have mainly disregarded the production and selling of side-line products generated from my original artworks which should be an important revenue source for any art business. As a maker of primary works, artists-- just like book authors and musicians-- automatically own the copy rights to all their creative works right after it is created. These rights do not transfer with the sale of the primary art works, but, only separately from the actual artwork and also exclusively by means of a written contract. This implies every artist, and exclusively the artist, has the right by law to bring forth and offer for sale copies of their work. This can be through fine art reproductions on paper or canvas, posters, limited transfers of rights to magazines and books, publishing on goods including clothing, calendars, cards, mugs and many, many other items. With the Empower Network marketing capability, I can thoroughly realise the money potential of each original work of art.

 "Tempest" 16 x 20 original oil painting by Kerry Nelson

Ultimately, since teaming up with Empower Network,

 I have discovered the optimum method to advertise and market my artistic output in the most successful, easy, and, rewarding way achievable, with choices to grow into recurrent income producing affiliate sales. I believe this marketing plan will push my art business to a more consistent and greater degree of sales, and, I have no doubt it will benefit other artists like myself who need a simple, yet, highly successful marketing method to establish a flourishing business selling their own art! 

If you are an artist planning to set up a thriving art business with your original art creations, or, if you are only searching for a rewarding part-time business that may allow you more time to create, then the highly effective online marketing and authority blogging system of Empower Network is just what you need!

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